Home Inspection Process

Become the ultimate home owner by learning what to expect from the home inspection process. Knowing how the process works can save you money as well.

Covering the process of your home inspection.

The Home Inspection is the most important part of your home buying process.  It allows you, as the home buyer, to view your prospective new home from a pragmatic viewpoint.  Buying a home is an expensive proposition.  Not only at the point of sale, but in maintenance and upgrades that are necessary in the protection of your investment.  Even if your home is brand new, a Home Inspection by Wall to Wall Inspections is the most important step you can take in your home buying process.

How to Find a Home Inspector

How do you choose a home inspector when you have so many to choose from?  And, how do you know who is the best? Should you base your decision solely on price?

Basing your buying decisions on price alone will often ensure that you get what you pay for.  And, many times, opting for the cheapest home inspector you can find, could be the equivalent of throwing your money away.

On the other hand, hiring the most expensive home inspector does not necessarily equate to hiring the best.

You want a fair price to be sure, but do you want the cheapest?  The most expensive?  Or, do you want the best value for your dollar?

Home inspectors are not created equal.  As with every other field, people are different. Taking some time to get to know your inspector and what he offers for the money he charges is the best avenue for receiving your best value. Remember, you are hiring someone who purports to have experience, talent and communication skills to help you make an informed decision about the most expensive purchase of your life.  A good home inspector will not be the cheapest.  However, he doesn’t have to be the most expensive, either.  Taking the time to interview your home inspector is the best, first step to receiving an invaluable asset in your home buying decision making.

“Place your faith with a standard bearer of the home inspection industry.  Choose Wall to Wall Inspections”

The Process

It is now the day for your Home Inspection, so what can you expect from a Wall to Wall Inspection?   Unlike other home inspection companies, we encourage you to attend the entire inspection.  We will thoroughly examine every available and visible component of your new home, inside and out.  Top to bottom.  And, from Wall to Wall.  We will guide you through maintenance concerns, inform you of crucial components, their location and function.  And, of course, alert you to any hazardous and adverse conditions.

Following the InterNachi Standards of Practice, we then compile those findings into a literate and detailed written report.  The report is replete with pictures and specific descriptions summarizing the issues discovered during the inspection.  The information we offer, empowers you to make informed decisions, with the guidance of your Realtor, as to how to proceed with the purchase of your home.

A Wall to Wall Home Inspection has often been described as being at once a sobering, yet enlightening experience.   More than ninety nine percent of Wall to Wall Inspections customers consider the knowledge they gain as invaluable.   Proving, time and again, that Wall to Wall Inspections is a hands down leader in the industry.

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