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Seasonal Checklist: Spring

Springtime in the Rockies: Always a dichotomy of winter blizzards and summer sunshine. It's this time of year to get a jump start on your home's maintenance.

Spring Seasonal Checklist: April, May, June

  • If you live in treed areas, cleaning your gutters is not just an Autumn maintenance item.  Gutter maintenance may be a year round chore and as such is presented here as a reminder.  While you are on the roof, Take a look at your roof materials.  Set nails, seal problematic areas, check for hail damage.
  • Fertilize lawn.  Preferably the night of or before the last heavy wet snow of the season.  A wonderful time for grass seeding and fertilizing.
  • Break ground on your springtime project.  Whether its painting your home’s exterior.  Or installing new windows.  Or improving your grading around the home.  Springtime is a wonderful time to put those winter time plans to action.
  • Change furnace filter;  A monthly requirement.
  • Have your A/C unit serviced by an HVAC contractor in preparation for the cooling season.
  • Take a look at the sump pump and pit (if you have one).  Remove water and debris, evaluate function of the pump and if it is discharging adequately where it needs to be.
  • Look inside the attic.  (Yes, twice a year)  Are all the bathroom ducts still in proper order.  Is the dryer duct (if it goes through roof) still in good order.  Are their dead (or live) animals up there.  Are there any signs of leaking or moisture build up.  Look at shingles nails, are they rusty?  dark spots on wood?  If there are, then further ventilation may be needed.
  • Check smoke detectors.
  • Ready lawn mower and other gas tools for season.
  • Plant a tree… but make sure they are a good distance away from the home.  Find out where the sewer line is running and make sure to stay a good distance to either side of it as well.
  • Springtime project ideas:
    kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels, new fencing or decking.
  • And, as always, have a home inspection performed.  We only think of having a home check up done by a professional when we first buy the home.  But, a home inspection can many times reveal issues that have gone unnoticed, making sure your most important possession continues to be well cared for.