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Winter season checklist:  January,  February, March

Winter in the Rockies can be beautiful.  But, the harsh season can weather your home considerably.  Consider taking these important steps to maintaining your homes health.

  • Snow removal: It’s not just for driveways anymore. Observe what snow does around your home and how it settles.  Pay attention to the north side of the home. Does snow drift into window wells?  Then covers are needed.   Does it drift against the siding of the home?  Remove snow from siding and wood members, and pay special attention to porch posts.  Remove snow from decks as well as your concrete.
  • Change furnace filter.  Every Month.
  • Create an agenda and budget for springtime maintenance or remodels.  Thinking ahead is a great way to stay proactive in your homes care.
  • Perform and complete a winter project  such as a room makeover.
  • Take a look inside your crawlspace.  Is it damp?  Make sure vents are clear.  Remove organic materials such as cardboard, carpets, and stray wood debris.  Take a look inside your attic, especially during bitter cold snaps and periods of wind driven snow.  Is snow blowing in around attic vents?  Are the shingle nails damp or rusty?  Proactive repairs is vital for your family’s health.
  • Service your furnace’s humidifier, (as applicable)  a twice a season service
  • Clean gutters. Depending on surrounding tree growth, cleaning your gutters can be a seasonal reality.  Four or more times a year may be needed depending on tree growth in your area.
  • Take a look at the Remodels and Repairs Guide and determine which items you want to remodel.  place as a goal for the summer and start thinking about the project… what it will take in time and money and know how.  Start preparing for the project.  Will you need to bathe somewhere else?  Cooking?  Dust control, etc.   Don’t overload yourself.   Keep it realistic and make sure you know what the finished product will be.  Plan on continued maintenance, but don’t start a second big project until completed with the first.  Make a goals lists for each room including stairs and exterior for future considerations

Ideal Winter projects include:  Water heater replacement, painting of rooms,

And, as always, have a Wall to Wall home inspection performed once a year.  We only think of having a home check-up done by a professional when we first buy the home.  But, a home inspection can many times reveal issues that have gone unnoticed.  Make sure your most important possession continues to be well cared for.