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A Sellers Guide to Surviving the Home Inspection.

For as nerve racking as the inspection and other aspects of the real estate transaction can be on the buyer, it can be equally disquieting to the seller.

One of the more difficult aspects of the home inspection process to the seller is the day of the buyer’s inspection.  It can be difficult to hand someone the keys to your home, jump in the car and leave.

Will things turn out ok?  Can I trust that my most personal belongings will still be there when I get back?  Should I stay and be available to answer questions?

The simple answer is, NO!  It is never suggested that the seller, be present during the buyer’s inspection.  Your presence makes the buyers edgy and liable to not want to ‘invade’ your home.

The best thing to do is lock up your more personal and valuable items in a safe, or a dresser, and go for a ride.  Or, go to the park, or visit friends.  The whole process generally takes two to three hours.

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The home inspection process is hard on sellers in other ways as well.

Most of us are honestly concerned that we are passing along a good home to the next family and we want them to enjoy the home as much as we have.  So what can a homeowner do to help receive a favorable inspection?


A Remarkable Untapped Resource for Sellers


We have spoken to some length about the benefits a buyer receives from the home inspection process, but what about the seller?   There are so many homeowners who have never taken advantage of the remarkable tool of the home inspection.  They, instead find out at the eleventh hour what kind of shape their home is in with a buyers inspection.

Although it is traditionally the buyer who assumes the burden of the inspection, assuming that responsibility as a seller may offer you many benefits.   Aside from saving you worry and concern when it comes to eleventh hour issues.  Here are just a few other benefits to having a seller endorsed inspection.

The benefits of having a Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

  • You as the seller can schedule the inspection at your convenience
  • You can be alerted to any items of concern that would undoubtedly show up in the buyer’s inspection, i.e.; gas leaks, malfunctioning systems, etc.
  • The seller can assist in the inspection, something that does not occur during a traditional buyer’s inspection. This can allow you the ability to answer questions that may occur, and correct mistakes that could show up. This helps inpossibly diffusing potential problems
  • A sellers report will help a home show better, by giving the seller time to address issues. Allow the seller the ability to attach receipts. And, even offer a marketing tool in which to display to potential buyers.
  • A seller sponsored inspection provides the ultimate gesture in forthrightness and disclosure perhaps relieving concerns of hesitant buyers. It also could encourage the buyer to waive his own inspection contingency.
  • And most of all, a seller provided inspection gives you, the seller, an overview of what kind of condition your home is in if nothing more than piece of mind.

As a seller, purchasing a home inspection prior to having the sale does not mean the buyer will not want his own inspector to visit your property, it simply helps in knowing what to expect and takes some of the tension of the ‘unknown’ out of the equation.