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Tips For Sellers to Aide in The Buyers Home Inspection

Aside from purchasing an inspection as a seller, here are a few more tips for sellers to help allow for a more favorable inspection of your home:

  • Make sure that all of the utilities are on. Although this sounds obvious, there are some things people will sometimes forget; like gas fireplaces or evaporative coolers that have been shut down for the season.  Or sometimes the seller is not occupying the home and may have had water or other utilities shut down as a preventative measure.  Ensuring all the gas, water and electricity are functioning, and the respective appliances are operational is one of the most important duties you can perform.
  • Make sure your pets are secured
  • Replace any burned out bulbs in your light fixtures. Simple but important.
  • Make sure your smoke and CO detectors are installed and operational… again, simple but important.
  • Have your furnace serviced and the filter changed and have the paperwork which proves this available. Typically you will be asked to have this done anyways and having the service performed beforehand by a good HVAC Contractor can sometimes give you a very favorable response.  This does not mean that the home inspector will not find any deficiencies with the furnace, but it does help.
  • Remove any stored items and other debris from around your foundation.
  • Make sure that there is adequate access to HVAC (Furnace) Electrical panels, crawlspaces, attics, etc.
  • Make sure to trim back tree limbs that are in contact with your roof line.
  • Try to clean up. Although not a necessity, it does offer a portrayal of how you generally keep your home.  If it is messy, chances are great that it will be perceived that maintenance items through the years were considered of very low concern to you


If a seller waits for the buyer to get an inspection, the seller will only become aware of issues when he or she receives the inspection resolution from their realtor.  Many times the seller never sees the buyers inspection report.

It is at this point the seller must make a decision.

The inspection resolution contains the issues the buyer wants addressed as a condition for continuing with the contract.  The seller must decide what, if any, of the items he will agree to repair.

If you are that seller and you decide the home is ‘as is’, take it or leave it, your price may need to reflect that point of view as well.

If you lose the buyers based on refusal to address the listed issues, there is a good chance that the items will be found again in subsequent inspections and you may also be obligated to disclose those issues now that you know of them.

There is usually some give and take with the inspection resolution negotiations, but one thing is certain.  The desire to pass along a safe home to someone else, regardless of what else the buyer may want should be considered.

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