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Whether you are a veteran home buyer, or a first-timer. Or, perhaps you are a homeowner that needs an experienced set of eyes to evaluate your biggest investment. Colorado Springs’ favorite Home Inspector is just a phone call away!

A staple in the community

Established in 2003, Wall to Wall Inspections is dedicated to assisting homeowners, buyers and their agents with the diagnostics, function and operation of their homes.

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Demonstrating a perfect customer satisfaction and Better Business Bureau rating.

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Boasting multi-generational knowledge and integrity in the building sciences

Wall to Wall Inspections

When diagnosing, evaluating and assessing the quality and function of your home, select the number one choice of the Real Estate and Insurance Professionals.

A Home Buyer's Trusted Home Inspector

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During the home buying process, your Realtor will inform you that you will need a home inspection.  He, or she may have even given you a name or two of a home inspector to call. They may have even volunteered to make the call on your behalf. They will also inform you that this is an additional expense; an expense in an already expensive process. Perhaps, you’re starting to wonder how many people it takes to look at your new home and how many more dollars you are going to have to come up with for it all.Take a breath, help is on the way!

What Sets Wall to Wall Inspections Above The Rest?

How do you choose a home inspector when you have so many to choose from?  And, how do you know who is the best?
Wall to Wall Inspections is a chosen professional of insurance and mortgage companies, home builders and home buyers for their diagnostic capabilities. Their ability to pull a story from a home can be unsurpassed and their knowledge base is multi-generational.  As a good standing member of the BBB with an A+ rating, Wall to Wall Inspections is the name to know.

Established in 2003, Wall to Wall Inspections is a family owned business, not a franchise. Bill Wallbaum has been a  contractor in Colorado Springs for more than twenty years and incorporates his years of hands on experience in every home he visits.

Wall to Wall Inspections is a leader in customer service.  We offer you the time you need during an inspection to answer any question you may have. We always encourage your presence during the inspection. However, we are always available before, during, and after the inspection to answer your questions. We guide you through your  home and instruct you on how your home works and how it can work better for you. Our reports are unequaled in scope and information, and we pride ourselves on our near 100%  customer satisfaction rating.

Wall to Wall Inspections is consistently referred by top performing Realtors and past clients.  Our goal is to make your Home Inspection an enlightening experience.


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