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Ten Commandments of Home Ownership

Ten Commandments of Home Ownership

Taking care of our biggest investment is a tremendous responsibility.  Following these Ten Commandments of Home Ownership is the best, first step to achieving those goals.

  1.  Even if you plan to hold onto your home for the rest of your life, approach its care as if you were to sell it  tomorrow.
  2.  Remember to do something everyday towards the maintenance and improvement of your home.
  3.  If you’re not proactive in taking care of your home, then you will be reactive.
  4.  Have and adhere to a seasonal checklist.
  5.  Hire a home inspector regularly.
  6.  Pay it off as quickly as you can.
  7.  Learn to budget appropriately.
  8.  Teach your children the responsibilities of home ownership.
  9.  Be realistic with your expectations.
  10.  Don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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